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MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly technical breakouts. You’re guaranteed to gain valuable, tangible knowledge to help you maximize your security solutions and tackle today’s greatest security challenges.

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Track Sessions

MPOWER features targeted, highly technical sessions. Breakouts will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. See below for track titles and descriptions.

Track Track Description
Dynamic Endpoint It is time for a new approach to endpoint security that departs from simply layering the next tool on the endpoint and hope security posture improves. It is time for a comprehensive endpoint security solution that stops threats such as zero-day malware, file-less malware, greyware and ransomware. An endpoint solution that uses integration and automation to connect the entire endpoint threat defense lifecycle, shares threat intelligence and evolves protection without intervention. This new approach is the Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense from McAfee. In this track you will learn about how Dynamic Endpoint combines core protection with cutting-edge capabilities such as machine learning and adds native endpoint detection and response on a single platform agent, with a single management console. We will dive into how multi-staged protection will guard your business against advanced threats, expose hidden threats in seconds rather than days or weeks, use one-click correction across the entire organization, and adapt defenses to stay ahead of emerging threats.
Intelligent Security Operations
Learn the latest best practices to optimize the arts and sciences of security operations, including threat investigations, incident response, malware forensics, SOC maturity, and risk and compliance management. In addition to rich technical content for key products for SIEM, malware and attack analytics, and threat intelligence, this track will also show you how to consider your approach to threat and risk management as a whole. Experts will help you approach challenges such as identifying where you can automate and reduce the number of steps and human-driven decisions involved. Case studies will show how to connect people, process, and tools to bridge operational silos and focus on prioritized incidents – anomalous, malicious, accidental, and compliance--with the greatest potential business impact. This track will also provide an in-depth look at advanced attacks and discuss sustainable approaches to help you reduce your exposure and enhance your security posture.

Data Center & Cloud Defense

The data center has been going through a massive transformation to keep up with a changing compute consumption landscape and to provide agile IT infrastructure services to help meet business expansion goals. This transformation has given birth to the hybrid infrastructure, compute architectures within the data center that span physical, virtualized and cloud deployments. Many CISOs / CSOs are at a cross road trying to ascertain how to best secure their hybrid infrastructure, and they realize that security technologies need to provide a strong security posture with common polices. In addition, security technologies must not add operational costs or reduce business agility. This track explores security solutions that ease the challenges associated with securing the hybrid cloud.

Pervasive Data Protection

Sensitive data such as PCI, PHI and PII should to be protected wherever it is stored, including mobile devices and endpoints, physical and virtualized servers, and cloud applications. High profile, costly data breaches have led this to be a board-level conversation. Companies need new strategies to protect intellectual property and ensure compliance when endpoints are both on and off the corporate network, including the use of cloud applications and infrastructure. The McAfee approach to integrated data loss prevention, encryption, web gateway, and cloud access security broker solutions, provides enterprises with Pervasive Data Protection for visibility and control over data across endpoints, networks, and cloud-based services. In this track you'll learn about industry best practices on how to prevent data loss from insider threats and malicious attacks, and how to leverage data protection tools to increase overall employee security awareness.

Industries & Economics

From case studies to customer insights and experiences, this track will explore the business of security by taking a closer look at key industries like healthcare, financial services and retail, and examine how these organizations are deploying a robust threat defense lifecycle while addressing specific industry regulations and requirements.

Innovation Frontier

This track will focus on the latest and greatest security innovations. From securing the Internet of Things, to fascinating findings from our McAfee Labs and Advanced Threat Research teams, including the latest vulnerabilities, discoveries about advanced targeted attacks and ransomware.

Unified Security Ecosystem

Complex and dynamic IT infrastructures combined with today’s advanced threat landscape mandate an integrated, scalable, and open approach to security infrastructure. Today, that means integrating and automating tasks across vendors, open source projects, industry organizations, and internal organizational silos. It means sharing threat and other types of intelligence quickly and securely, and orchestrating the actions that drive fast remediation. This track will feature best practices in building and maintaining an ecosystem that offers flexibility without giving up efficiency and estate-wide visibility and actionability. Look here for the latest on the Data Exchange Layer and OpenDXL, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator tips and tricks for better deployment, monitoring, compliance, reporting, and incident response, from both on-premises and in the cloud, and partner and threat intelligence integrations that provide more capability with less effort and uncertainty.

Targeted Group Meetings

Arrive early to participate in the very popular Targeted Group Meetings (TGMs)! The meetings are built around specific topics and are designed to allow you to network your peers and meet directly with key product management, engineers and developers. You’ll learn what’s on deck at McAfee, get hands on with product prototypes and hear what the future may hold. This is your chance to learn from your peers and offer your insights to help mold the future of McAfee. These targeted sessions will be offered at MPOWER on Tuesday, October 17.

CPE Credits for MPOWER

CPE Credits for MPOWER (ISC)2® Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, McAfee can submit CPEs for you after MPOWER. Please provide your (ISC)2® member number and your first and last name to and your CPEs will be submitted to (ISC)2®. The cut-off to submit through McAfee is December 31, 2017.

MPOWER ATTENDEES: Create your Own Agenda

Check back in the summer for the MPOWER Agenda Builder to maximize your MPOWER experience. You will be able to map out your daily schedule of sessions and events you most want to attend through the MPOWER My Event site by entering your registration login information and then clicking on "My Schedule" to create your personalized agenda. Once your agenda has been built, you can then view your agenda on your mobile device.

This year’s Mobile App will be integrated so you will always have your latest agenda info in both the Mobile App and Agenda Builder.


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