Breakout Sessions

MPOWER 19 will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly technical breakouts. You’re guaranteed to gain valuable, tangible knowledge to help you maximize your security solutions and tackle today’s greatest security challenges.

Track Sessions

MPOWER 19 features targeted, highly technical sessions. Breakouts will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. Click on track titles below to reveal breakout session titles for each track. Select title to view session details.

Advances in Threat Defense

Are you prepared for today’s threats? Global businesses and the systems they use daily are under siege. This track will take a deep dive into modern threats, from malware attacks to nation-state actors to vulnerabilities in the very products and systems themselves, exploring what it all means for your business. For example, how do you respond to a ransomware attack? How can you utilize the latest cyber threat intelligence to anticipate and mitigate today's threats? What advances in artificial intelligence are being utilized by adversaries and what methods are most effective to protect against them? Learn more about protecting your business with a look at the cyberthreat landscape first-hand through the eyes of threat researchers.

Advances in Machine Learning: Generative Adversarial Networks

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are a fundamentally significant advancement in machine learning. Capable of generating lifelike outputs that are virtually indistinguishable from reality, GANs show great potential as an effective method to compete with evolving threats.

In this talk, we will review the application of GANs in cybersecurity, including securing steganography, detecting malware and both attack & defense scenarios in adversarial machine learning. We will discuss McAfee’s research on GAN-based attacks targeting a facial recognition system and the latest advances in GAN-based malware detection.

Techniques to Defend Against Fileless Malware: Powershell Edition

Fileless malware, where no file is written to disk, has become rampant. Specifically, the pre-installed and versatile Windows PowerShell has become one of the most popular choices in cybercriminal's arsenals. Using PowerShell, an attacker can fully access Windows features, which makes it the perfect tool to launch an attack. This talk will cover how to correlate behaviors such as environmental parameters and exploitative techniques to identify suspicious patterns and uncover fileless threats.

Ransomware - The Rise, Death and Resurrection of Digital Extortion

Is the threat of ransomware on its way out? Can we declare victory and leave it behind? Not so fast. Ransomware is changing, and McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) has witnessed its use for targeted attacks on enterprises with ransom demands in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This session will share unique insights gleaned from the ATR’s extensive research, including unique insights on the LockerGoga family and lessons learned in how to combat the threat of ransomware.

Beyond the Endpoint: Creating a Fabric for Enterprise Security

Security requires an enterprise-wide approach but, all too often, security teams are stuck in reactive mode and focused on the legacy controls of the past. In this presentation, we’ll cover how to approach security in a way that creates a culture of information security throughout the enterprise and how McAfee acts as a foundation of that program.

Intelligence Preparation for the Cyber Battlefield, “the use of Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence”

While cybersecurity involves mostly technical means to protect people, processes, and Intellectual Property (IP), the proper application of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is far more critical than ever before.  Intelligence, properly utilized, ensures organizations are tactically and strategically prepared to both anticipate and mitigate today’s threats before they become detrimental to the organization affected.  CTI is not just the collection of data utilizing open, closed, propriety sources, social media and human intelligence or data collected from the “dark web.”  It is  dedicated processes with established methodologies that create intelligent products which empower people to make better decisions. These processes and methodologies are applied against areas such as cybercrime, hactivism or cyber espionage (APTs) allowing for both tactical and long-term strategic planning and actions. 

This panel will explore the use of CTI, specifically around advanced collection methodologies and how to apply them against today’s current threats. The panel members are reflective of large governmental institutions who utilize CTI and collaborate with industry partners to help develop new methodologies to evolve/adapt to this rapidly changing environment.

Leading with Intelligence: Integrating Intelligence in the Enterprise

Years of buzzwords and sales pitches have caused stakeholders to discount one of the most effective pieces of their operations—threat intelligence. The relationship between threat intelligence and other functions in the enterprise are crucial to the effectiveness of the program. Technology implications are imperative for the aggregation and dissemination functions. This enables the ease of use for intelligence and allows a program to scale. The processes implemented in a mature intelligence function will convey the gravity placed on stakeholders and their respective missions. This talk will be a narrative-based approach to operationalizing intelligence across enterprise functions.

CISO Priorities and Perspectives

Organizations are fundamentally transforming with technology. The rapid move to cloud and mobility is ushering in almost unimagined innovation, agility and speed-to-market for LOBs. Managing true business risk in this environment requires complete visibility over a disjointed playing field. However, the inherent complexity of security itself can easily outweigh its intended benefits if not implemented with optimization in mind. Join us in the CISO track as we discuss operational simplification as a means to drive better security and business outcomes and learn from your peers as they share valuable insights and benchmarks from their own journeys.L

Panel Discussion: Secure Tomorrow In 2020s at Healthcare Industry

Only 3 months left at this decade, we will embrace 2020s decade soon. In this panel speaker session, our Healthcare Industry Cyber Security Leaders will share their insights about their strategic and tactic planning for 2020s including but not limited to Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Evolving Threats from endpoints and IOT mitigation plan.

Cloud Security Story-Crafting: Getting InfoSec Back in the Cloud Game

Huge cloud programs are failing due to InfoSec concerns. Why is this happening? How do you get InfoSec back in the game as part of critical decision processes, and how do you secure the funding to help your company’s cloud program succeed. Brooke will discuss critical issues, how to craft the story to objectively back up and non-emotionally make your case. You’ll learn the importance of impactful, business-aligned narratives to secure funding, support, and momentum in complex cloud transformations.

China as a New Russia? Analyzing Similarities and Differences

The Chinese underground cyber crime profits exceeded $15.1 billion in 2017, while causing more than $13.3 billion worth of damage relating to data loss, identity theft and fraud. This panel will compare and contrast the differences between Chinese and Russian underground activities, and their effects across the globe.

Security Implications of Emerging Data Privacy Compliance Initiatives

Data privacy in the midst of digital transformation is a huge issue. Organizations are dealing with increasing quantities of data crossing their networks, data centers and cloud environments. At the same time, a mountain of data privacy compliance initiatives-- such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act -- are regulating the privacy of that data. This session will cover the implications of these laws on how you implement security in your environments.

The Perfect Cyberstorm - Leveraging A Complete View Across IT & OT Ops

A confluence of trends have resulted in making the security of critical infrastructure and industrial operation a top priority. The convergence of IT and OT operations, migration of once isolated OT environments to IIoT, are just a few. With these emerging trends, there is an even greater for 100% visibility, security and control.

McAfee's Take on EXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Explainable Artificial Intelligence(XAI) creates explainable models while maintaining a high level of learning performance, thereby enabling users to understand, appropriately trust the underlying models. The session will provide a comprehensive overview of XAI concepts along with usecase demonstrations in both malware and non-malware applications.

Eliminating Silos Starts with the CISO

Join us for a discussion with the CISO of NCR as he uncovers the secret to their culture of collaboration. In a corporate infrastructure that is truly as diverse as they come, NCR is a unicorn given the success they have with working seamlessly between various internal teams.

Cloud Security

According to the State of the Cloud Report by Right scale, 81% of enterprises plan to put a cloud team in place within the next year. Why? Enterprises already run 40% of their workloads in the cloud and that is expected to grow to 83% by 2020. Sixty-six percent of IT professionals cite security as the number one concern in adopting a cloud computing strategy. Security technologies have evolved to meet the unique needs of private and public cloud environments. Whether you’re trying to ascertain which cloud applications hold sensitive data, inspecting workload configurations within infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers, or inspecting lateral threat movement to, from, and between cloud resources, it's important to understand and effectively leverage the shared security responsibility models promoted by cloud service providers. MVISION Cloud is a platform that encourages and explores solutions that ease challenges associated with securing the dynamic nature of private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

MVISION Cloud DLP: Why O365 DLP Isn't Enough

Even though Office 365 has great DLP technology, it is not sufficient to match onsite capabilities. See actual use case test results from MVISION Cloud DLP and O365 DLP evaluations. Learn how easy it is to re-use your existing classifications from McAfee ePO to get the most value from your time spent and end with a high-level strategy for implementing MVISION Cloud DLP in Office 365.

Lead Your Company to the Cloud: Success Strategies

There has never been a time when security has shifted as much as it has today, cloud is changing everything we do in security. You have two choices as a security or IT professional, be left behind or secure the cloud. In this talk we will share best practices and lessons learned with helping a Fortune 100 company secure cloud services.

Threat assessment in the cloud - IaaS Security

For customers currently on a cloud adoption journey and looking for a hybrid cloud security, we will discuss how to:
- Assess cloud compute resources for threat protection compliance​
- Deploy threat protection for uncompliant resources
- Make sure protection is up-to-date once deployed
- Set threat protection policies for compute resources

- Comprehensive cloud protection–add compute resources​
- Protection beyond DLP & Web Protection
- Easier migration to the cloud​

DevOps to DevSecOps: Cloud Security Shifts Left 

Reduce risk by integrating automated security into the DevOps process. “Shift Left” is the concept of pushing the responsibility of security earlier into the development cycle; promoting Security by Design.  Build security discipline early in the development process by integrating it into the check in and build processes. 

Cloud Security: New Risks, New Rules

Cloud security has evolved as quickly as the cloud itself with 90% of sensitive data now in services like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and AWS. These trends are leading to a platform approach that optimizes visibility and control, no matter where data resides. Learn how cloud security is evolving and where McAfee is investing in the next year. We’ll outline future best practices for cloud security and how we’ve already combined the power of MVISION Cloud with other solutions to create “Cloud Security Nirvana.”

Inside Securing MGM Resorts International Digital Transformation

Scott Howitt, CISO at MGM Resorts, will discuss how cloud is accelerating MGM's digital transformation and how McAfee’s Device to Cloud architecture is ensuring that they operate with both agility and security as they build the casino of the future.

Data Security in a Borderless Enterprise

Learn how to set consistent DLP policies that protect data from any leakage vectors – corporate endpoints, unmanaged devices, in the network, or in cloud applications. With the latest integration, MVISION Endpoint DLP customers can easily extend existing enterprise DLP policies to the cloud in minutes. Also learn about how Cloud Application Controls enables granular control policies.

Securing Office 365 & Microsoft Teams  with CASB

In this session we’ll outline the top 7 security use cases for Office 365 across Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams and provide a model for determining which use cases to tackle first.

Understanding Cloud Threat Models 

For enterprises to build defenses, a threat model must be thoroughly understood: what are the attack goals, targets, techniques, and impacts? A shared security responsibility exists between the service provider and the enterprise. This session will explore threats in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS across Public, Private and Hybrid cloud deployments.

Device to Cloud Data and Web Protection

Companies of all sizes are adopting cloud-based services to give their employees greater flexibility and easier access to core business applications. Endpoint and network security alone is not sufficient in the device-to-cloud world. Unsanctioned cloud application access, reduced visibility of sensitive data in the cloud, and the absence of centralized management and reporting can lead to data loss and non-compliance.

New DLP features to help you protect sensitive files in the cloud.

This session will introduce our next level of DLP and MVISION Cloud (CASB) integrations, along with integration with MVISION ePO. We'll also talk about other new capabilities we're launching at MPower as well as talk about some changes to how we release and support new versions.

3rd Party Vendor Risk Assessments with MVISION Cloud and MWG

In this session we will be describing the process to leverage MVISION Cloud's Cloud Registry to feed McAfee Web Gateway policy to mitigate risk associated with 3rd party vendors.

Bright Web Security for Cloudy Environments (with real world use case from customer WEG)

Cloud technology provides web services accessed by any device, anywhere. Changing network architectures and data storage locations dramatically alter the requirements for effective web security. The use of virtualization, encryption, SD-WAN, websockets, HTTP2, TLS 1.3, O365, GSuite, AWS, Azure and others demand brighter web security solutions.

Quick Wins Implementing DLP (with real world use case for a data-centric organization)

The erosion of the traditional border opens the possibility for data mismanagement: storage of sensitive data in unauthorized locations, overly promiscuous ACLs, insecure cryptography, inaccurate data classification, data loss, or data theft. Join us as we talk about how to successfully plan, implement, and maintain a Data Loss Prevention program.

User-friendly Preboot authentication and security for BitLocker demo

This session will discuss and demonstrate McAfee Management of Native Encryption new user-friendly McAfee Preboot authentication that adds network aware pre-boot security to MS BitLocker, enforcing user-domain authentication at startup. Learn how new MNE resolves typical drive encryption issues like Windows password sync and forgotten passwords.

Shaping the Cloud Edge - Converging Web, CASB and DLP

The classic network perimeter and cloud services are merging and converging while companies move their products and classic on-premise tools into the cloud. ​

This convergence generates a specific new challenge for organizations, as they now need to deal with data spreading out to any device, service, or user in their company -- independent of location. Companies need a new vision for their data protection and security strategy that is cloud native (cloud centric but hybrid). This would cover data security from the DLP aspect in addition to threat protection and access control to data. This presentation will lay out a holistic approach to data security by leveraging CASB, DLP and Web protection technologies.

Endpoint Security

Defeating attackers isn't a matter of choosing efficacy or efficiency. It's not a choice at all, actually, as one means giving up something at the cost of the other. What if the answer is as simple as doing what you already do, more efficiently with better visibility? In this track we will focus on simplifying your operations, endpoint maintenance, and how to apply your McAfee defenses to get threat insights within a couple clicks and minutes (instead of hours or across several separate tools and manual processes). From automating more of your zero-day defenses to cutting the time it takes to investigate, remediate, and harden your endpoints - this track is for those who want to know how to do more with less time.

Diagnosing the Security Risk in the Palm of Your Hand

60% of enterprise endpoints are mobile—and are totally unprotected against attacks. In this session, you'll hear from a McAfee customer how they uncovered the risks and needs that led them to look at their mobile strategy more closely. Join us to learn more about selecting the right criteria, evaluation methods, and deployment plan for your business. We will also demonstrate how mobile attacks occur and share best practices for preventing them with MVSION Mobile.

Get granular ENS Firewall, Expert rules and Exploit Prevention controls without a management headache​

Default security policies almost never meet an organization's needs, and often one policy is inadequate to cover those needs. In this session we'll explore how to use ENS Policies, ePO features, and third party tools to effectively create and tune custom policies for even the most complex environments.

What’s new in Application Control and how you can protect systems after an OS end of life

This session will go into depth on the newest features of McAfee Application Control showing how systems can be protected from new zero day threats with no updates or network connectivity required. Also to be discussed will be the use of whitelisting to protect Operating Systems beyond their traditional end of life.

Machine-learning: EDR’s visibility super power for hidden threats​

Demonstrate MVISION EDR detection capabilities by leveraging the detection capabilities based on machine learning detection capabilities in MVISION Endpoint. A clear articulation in the MVISION Portfolio

The road ahead for EDR, Endpoint & Mobile - and how you can get involved

Come listen to our expert team members talk about their endpoint products, EDR solutions, the future and how our customers can get engaged.

The future of Linux and Mac security – what’s new and what’s coming ​

It can be challenging navigating the security needs for Mac and Linux endpoints. Let's discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in deploying endpoint security solution in a non-windows environment.

MVISION Endpoint and ENS – understanding where they fit and complement your environment

Endpoint security can be overwhelming and at times seem virtually impossible. We'll discuss the most common challenges within the space and provide practical ways to overcome those challenges.

Automation tips for overwhelmed administrators​

Geared towards those who wear multiple IT-security hats in an organization, don’t have the time/budget for formal training and only knows enough about ePO and ENS to keep things running day to day, but no idea what to do if an outbreak happens. This talk will provide pointers and tips on what a shorthanded security team can do to improve security.

Evolving Your Security Operations

Efficient, effective threat detection and response requires insight from a broad collection of data and tools – insight that needs to be accurate, concise, open, and actionable by solutions and analysts alike. This track will demonstrate how to manage and analyze volumes of data to detect threats. Learn how to gain visibility without getting overwhelmed with noise, augment staff capabilities to validate and investigate threats, and enable integration to simplify response, team collaboration and workflows. From practical case studies to technical use cases and expert advice, see how sustainable approaches can help reduce your exposure and enhance your security posture.

Targeted Attacks – The SOC Strikes Back

This presentation will cover critical steps that companies should be taking to protect their corporate environments. If you suspect your organization has become the target of a worthy adversary, what steps can you take and what tools will help quickly strengthen your security posture. We will cover continuous monitoring, spring cleaning and fortifications, in addition to how McAfee tools such as SIEM can be used with SOAR technology and uncover value.

The Evolution of EDR at GM Financial 

Endpoint Detection & Response has evolved in the last few years. It has rapidly moved from being an endpoint-centric threat hunting tool to a tool with a wider aperture. See what the future holds for EDR and how one leading edge organization has worked with McAfee since the product's early days to operationalize it in their organization.

Using McAfee Platform for Incident Response

STERIS is a leading provider of infection prevention and procedural products and services that use multiple McAfee products throughout their Enterprise including Enterprise Security Manager and DXL integrated with 3rd party solutions.  When hit with an attack, they rely on several McAfee tools to help mitigate the risk.  This session will share their approach to risk, show examples of how they use McAfee ESM, ENS, ATD and TIE to help protect and clean their enterprise, and will share ideas how to improve various processes to run a more streamlined security operations center. 

SOC 2020: Getting your Security Operations Future Ready

The session will focus on key challenges SOC managers are faced with and how they can be addressed by taking a few strategic steps, both today and in the future. Core topics addressed include key performance indicators for measuring SOC success, delivering a successful SOC through Human-Machine teaming, and the future of the SOC, in addition to some near-term enhancements coming to the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. 

Go from Good to Great - Investigating with McAfee EDR 

Need to understand how an investigation using McAfee MVISION EDR takes place? The process enables analysts with little experience to take on greater responsibility, accelerate processes, and gain new insights into threats. This session explains how investigations can utilize existing SOC workflows, uses examples to show how McAfee EDR helps a broad spectrum of skill sets, and demonstrates how investigations expand beyond just the endpoint.

Enterprise Visibility and Investigations with SIEM and EDR

Wondering how and when to use your SIEM vs. your EDR?  The best-case scenario is when each provides its own benefits. Learn when to be looking for each tool and how to automate and accelerate the security incident investigation process via intelligent integration. This discussion will help you find new ways to strengthen your security posture by leveraging the deep insight of EDR and broad visibility of SIEM. Each have their strengths and when used together, life gets easier and better for you and your security analysts.

Three keys to pulling up your SOCs

Ready to take your SOC to the next level? Whether you have a multi-national wolfpack SOC or you are a one-person show, there are ways to advance you or your team’s abilities. The emergence of disruptive technologies and innovations, as well as new and potential threats, will impact the Threat Defense Life cycle. Through this session, we will walk through examples on how to power up security operations to make advanced cyber threat hunting possible for all security professionals, no matter the skill level.

A Complete Picture: Endpoint, network, and the cloud - together in your SOC

We all struggle to protect our environments and gain the broader picture of what is going on where and when.  With the pace of change, including the number of tools you are asked to use, it's almost impossible to keep up with security, let alone get ahead. In this session, you'll learn how to set up your SOC to gain a more complete picture of your environment from the endpoint to the cloud, including tools in-between so you can improve the visibility and efficacy of both your people and security programs. 

Grow your Security business as part of McAfee’s Partner Ecosystem

We believe that no one person, product or organization can fight cybercrime alone. It’s the underlying concept of this new track designed for members of McAfee’s partner ecosystem. See real-world examples and gain actionable direction for evolving your McAfee solution sales and service delivery to meet customers’ transforming needs from device to cloud and in between. Session topics will range from: technology architecture; to how to navigate new routes to market; to what the year ahead holds for McAfee partner program members, all with the goal of helping you build and grow your business

Learn the McAfee Selling Methodology and Adopt it in your Own Organization

In 2019, McAfee adopted a proven selling methodology. Every McAfee salesperson was equipped with differentiated value propositions to articulate the McAfee Story. We want to equip our partners with the same resources and materials to truly set your security selling apart when talking to your customers. This session will be led by an expert in teaching McAfee sales and partners this methodology and it will also include interaction with McAfee reps who utilize this sales approach in their daily go-to-market. We have a unique strategy, portfolio, brand, and tools that make us your device-to-cloud cybersecurity partner of choice in this industry. Now is the time to transform our go-to-market motion together.

McAfee’s Joint Development Program - How Partners Influence & Impact McAfee Product Development 

This session will cover an overview of McAfee’s development process and how the Joint Development Program/Beta fits in. The panel will include Program Managers, Global Pre-Sales Director, and current customers and partners – each providing their experience of the process. Discussion will cover design review, testing, feedback, verification and delivery.

At the end of this session you will have the opportunity to sign up for an upcoming Beta or be included on our list for consideration for future projects.

Navigate New Routes to Market: How to Support and Accelerate your Customers’ Move to the Cloud

Many reports are telling us the number one focus for CIOs and CISOs is transformation, and this is led by the move to cloud. Cloud leader Microsoft Azure will discuss the biggest drivers moving customers to the cloud, and what this means for their security needs. Learn how the McAfee + Microsoft partnership enables partners to play a role and what special partner skill sets are most in need for these customers? What are the differences between Azure cloud and other platforms? 

You Secure Your Customers, But Are You The Target?

Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security attributed multiple attacks on Service Providers (managed security, managed IT, cloud) to the Chinese government.  Over the past several years these actors have been exploiting the trusted relationship between provider and customer, because providers may have unrestricted access inside a customer’s network, across several industries including Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Communications, and Critical Manufacturing.​

In this session we will look into recommendations and best practices from the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) to avert these types of threats, and review a practical way to raise the shield employing the McAfee and SIA portfolio of solutions across the threat defense lifecycle to protect, detect, and correct for the partner -- ultimately for the benefit of securing their end-customers.

Bring the McAfee Ecosystem to Life: Collaboration, Architecture and Delivery of McAfee and Non-McAfee Security Solutions

McAfee has the leading Open Architecture Platform in the Industry -- but how do you turn that into a real advantage for your business and your customers? Join McAfee principal architect and lead SIA architect as they guide you through how to leverage McAfee integrations and DXL to build wholistic security offerings with enabled workflow-and-policy automation, built to 3rd party recommended architecture standards. This session will also include interaction with SIA partners whose solutions integrate and fill critical roles in a recommended security architecture. 

Preview of McAfee's Global Partner Program 2020 - MPACT!

What’s New and What’s Next? Get a Preview of MPACT, McAfee’s Global Partner Program that kicks off in 2020. This session will begin with the latest research results of an on-going "Voice of the Partner" project. We’ll review trends that you and your peers are sharing related to needs in this transformative marketplace. Then we’ll move into MPACT! and how the updated requirements, new benefits and tools will set you up for success in 2020 and beyond.

Service Provider-Strategic Alliances with McAfee: Create World Class Security Services

Understand McAfee's renewed focus, approach and commitment to enabling highly optimized and successful Partnerships specific to service provider needs. 

Topics will include feedback from “Voice of the Partner” program that will higlight Service Provider challenges and how that relevant insight has helped McAfee structure Strategic Alliances resources to guide you in building a McAfee-based world-class security offering.

Harnessing Insights for Action

It is becoming increasingly obvious that more (threat) intelligence does not equal better security. As a matter of fact, an overabundance of intelligence can harm your risk profile. In a world of criminal AI and spurious correlations, the need for turning wild intelligence into actionable insights is a must. In this track we’ll delve into harnessing your threat intelligence into insights. What makes a good insight that adds true value and can help lower your risk. We’ll look at what McAfee is doing around insights and we’ll demonstrate how to build and present a scorecard of insights. Finally, we’ll explain how insights can make you more meaningful to your board and how they can help you advocate for more resources and money. Join us.

Hardware tampering security risks in the supply chain

Hardware tampering security risk in the global cyber supply chain is becoming a problem-centered challenge which governments and organizations are currently facing. This paper will try to cover the various sources of attack and recommend ways to mitigate this critical security risk in the global supply chain - from manufacturing to delivery.

Mining Malware via PRE; Let Malware Tell You Why It Is Malicious

Black-box machine learning offers few insights and makes failure RCA difficult. Advances in prediction rule ensembles (PRE) offer competitive performance and best-in-class interpretability enabling more informed cybersecurity decision making. This session presents rule ensembles as tools for insight and inference in the evolving threat landscape.

Purple Team Diaries: Ask The Experts in Red and Blue Teams

Join experts from the McAfee Advanced Cyber Threat Services (ACTS) team, formerly Foundstone, for an audience-interactive panel discussion and question/answer session on best practices, experiences, and tips and tricks, on both Red Team (offensive/attacker) and Blue Team (defensive/defender) perspectives.

How to catch a spy in your network?

Although more than 80% of data leakages are proven to be unintentional, what about the remaining 20%? What a disturbing feeling that someone from your organization is leaking information for different malicious purposes. How to catch a spy in your network? WIth McAfee Pervasive Data Protection solutions set. Learn and see how - in this session.

Advances in IT/OT Security and Convergence; The Rise of Digital Twins

The convergence of IT/ OT is real, bringing both challenges and opportunities. This session will discuss advances in IT/OT security, why it is a CxO issue, and how the Digital Twin concept can improve both security and operational performance. Will discuss how products/services from McAfee, Nozomi and Atos can reduce operational and cyber risk.

WannaCry in 2019: Changing the Narrative with MVISION Insights

In May 2017, WannaCry attacked hundreds of enterprise targets across the globe, with enterprise damage estimates as high as $4B globally by some counts. Many forget that this ransomware attack with record-setting damages began as a targeted attack against healthcare and then manufacturing industries. Learn how to change the narrative for your company if a zero-day attack followed a similar strategy in 2019, using MVISION Insights. We review the powerful globally-sourced analytics that will prepare your organization to recognize a campaign targeted at you and your industry, and how to quickly adjust enterprise protection policies – potentially before your team receives its first malware sample or generates an Indicator of Compromise.

Insights and Our Big-data Infrastructure: Power of collective intelligence

In this session, we will talk about McAfee’s strategy of data gathering and providing insights to the customer from the information gathered from various McAfee products. We'll be showcasing Insights and our big-data infrastructure in this session and customers benefits from these.

Security Management & Collaboration

Your cybersecurity demands with increased threats, pressure for constant compliance and limited staff strongly suggest your need to optimize your security management efforts. Research reveals that organizations cry out for an integrated security platform approach with tools working together to detect faster and remediate more effectively. Your McAfee investment ensures these priorities will be met. In addition, McAfee’s recognizes and supports your transformation into the cloud with the MVISION portfolio. In this track, you will dig deeper into your pursuit to optimize your security management. Gain guidance on better deployment and monitoring. Learn best practices to achieve better visibility and improved response time. Hear from your colleagues using the latest ePO, MVISION ePO and DXL on how these solutions help them achieve operational efficiencies. Become versed on how these critical integrations work for you. Join us to elevate your security management efforts.

Enterprise ePO, DXL and TIE infrastructure designs

This session will take a look at enterprise designs for ePO infrastructures with Data Exchange Layer and Threat Intelligence Exchange and showcase several customer examples of different design strategies for the infrastructure architectures.​

How can you organically transform your current ePO, DXL and TIE infrastructure to include cloud servers located in AWS, AZURE, etc. - a hybrid ePO architecture.

What's new with McAfee's platform of management and collaboration (ePO, DXL, etc)

It's been an incredibly exciting year for McAfee's security platform.  Come talk to the Product Management team and learn what's changed, what's changing, and what's coming to McAfee's Security Management Platform. We'll talk strategy, new capabilities, and how we're shaping management to help secure our customer's environments.

Tips On Migrating to The New MVISION ePO

Learn from those who walked the MVISION ePO migration journey.  Hear from McAfee and customers Seagate and Henry Schein on their migration plans and the best practices to consider when migrating to MVISION ePO and moving your management to the cloud.

Optimizing MVISION security integrations with DXL

This session will cover how McAfee enables automation of on-premise products in MVISION ePO via DXL.  Learn how to leverage existing local infrastructure while transitioning management load to the cloud! Get more from your truly integrated platform from the cloud.

Using the OpenDXL Open Broker within AWS for Cyber Security at AT&T

The session will cover how AT&T uses its Data Driven Message Architecture (DDMA) to transport public cloud information. Built on Open DXL, AT&T is using the DDMA message bus to distribute cloud data and react to network observations. The goal of the session will be to explain the role of Open DXL in this message distribution path.

Remove the Chaos: Automate Your Disaster

During this session Danske Bank will share their journey to achieving faster more productive security incident response and establishing security compliance through automation and integrations of security functions.

Session will cover three main topics:
- Business case definition for automation and integration
- Key automation & integration actions that move the success needle
- Key considerations when deciding to automate & integrate

Sharing key use cases

Targeted Group Meetings

Arrive early to participate in the very popular Targeted Group Meetings (TGMs)! The meetings are built around specific topics and are designed to allow you to network with your peers and to meet directly with key product managers, engineers and developers. You’ll learn what’s on deck at McAfee, get hands on with product prototypes and hear what the future may hold. This is your chance to learn from your peers and offer your insights to help mold the future of McAfee. These targeted sessions will be offered at MPOWER 19 on Tuesday, October 1.

CPE Credits for MPOWER 19

CPE Credits for MPOWER 19 (ISC)2® Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, McAfee can submit CPEs for you after MPOWER 19. Please provide your (ISC)2® member number and your first and last name to, and your CPEs will be submitted to (ISC)2®. The cut-off to submit through McAfee is November 14, 2019.

MPOWER ATTENDEES: Create your Own Agenda

You will be able to map out your daily schedule of sessions and events you most want to attend through the MPOWER 19 My Event site by entering your registration login information and then clicking on "My Schedule" to create your personalized agenda.

When the Mobile App is available, you will be able to view your agenda on your mobile device.