Breakout Sessions

MPOWER 18 will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly technical breakouts. You’re guaranteed to gain valuable, tangible knowledge to help you maximize your security solutions and tackle today’s greatest security challenges.

Track Sessions

MPOWER 18 features targeted, highly technical sessions. Breakouts will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. See below for track titles and descriptions.

TrackTrack Description
Advances in Threat Defense This track will focus on the latest and greatest security innovations. From securing the Internet of Things, to fascinating findings from our McAfee Labs and Advanced Threat Research teams, including the latest vulnerabilities, discoveries about advanced targeted attacks and ransomware.
Ciso CISOs and those that influence them will enjoy bigger picture topics that support organizational effectiveness and health. Business topics range from how to design an effective cyber security plan to justifying budget based on values and outcomes. Experts will also describe operational best practices across the threat defense lifecycle from open architectures and integration to deployment and ongoing support.
Cloud Security As the cloud transformation continues, security technologies have evolved to meet the unique needs of private and public cloud environments. Whether you are trying to ascertain which cloud applications hold sensitive data, inspecting workload configurations within infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers like AWS and Azure, or inspecting lateral threat movement to, from, and between cloud resources, it's important to understand and effectively leverage the shared security responsibility models promoted by cloud service providers. This track explores security solutions that ease the challenges associated with securing the elastic characteristics of private, public, and multi-cloud environments.
Data Protection & GDPR High profile data breaches and new stringent regulations such as the GDPR present huge opportunities for security professionals to work more closely with other business functions to integrate data protection into the fabric of business processes. The "Data Protection by Design" approach is making organizations rethink their security strategy to protect sensitive content such as personal data. This track will demonstrate how McAfee and its partners can assist you in this transformation through technology solutions and services by supporting both continued compliance and accountability and your evolution into a stronger, more secure organization that can confidently grow its global presence.
Endpoint Security Simplicity isn't a word that comes to mind for endpoint security practitioners today. Most are deadlocked in a constant firefight against threats with a toolbox of defenses that don't work together and require more manual processes than they should. This track will demonstrate how you can simplify your endpoint operations with a simpler architecture, automate more of your workflows and get better visibility into advanced threats. From a better approach to managing essential frontline defenses to simple, sophisticated 0-day detection and response tools - see how you can save as much as 40 hours a week and put an end to ransomware in your environment.
Evolve Your Security Operations Learn the latest best practices to optimize security operations, including threat investigations, incident response, malware forensics, SOC maturity, and risk and compliance management. In addition to technical use case content for key products including SIEM, threat investigation and behavioral analytics tools, malware and attack analytics, and threat intelligence, this track will show you how to develop and effectively mature your security operations solutions and resources. Experts will help you approach challenges in automating investigation workflows for optimizing analyst resources and incident response. Practical Case studies, will show how to connect people, process, and tools to bridge operational silos and prioritize incidents - anomalous, malicious, accidental, and compliance-to ensure uninterrupted access to networked resources. This track, will also provide an in-depth look at advanced attacks and discuss sustainable approaches to help you reduce your exposure and enhance your security posture.
Security Management & Collaboration Your highly dynamic IT environments with increased advanced threats and limited staff must move to a more efficient security framework. This means tools and functions working together to detect faster and remediate with confidence. Your security must integrate and automate tasks between vendors, open source projects, departments and other organizations. This collaborative security effort shares threat intelligence and other insight quickly and orchestrates the actions to protect against the threat impacts like data loss or system downtime. In this track, you will receive tips for better deployment, monitoring, management, compliance, reporting and incident response and learn how these critical integrations work. Require best practices to move your security to achieve better visibility and improved response metrics. Hear first-hand from ePO and DXL users how they have enhanced their security approach to increase their efficiencies and efficacies.

Targeted Group Meetings

Arrive early to participate in the very popular Targeted Group Meetings (TGMs)! The meetings are built around specific topics and are designed to allow you to network your peers and meet directly with key product management, engineers and developers. You’ll learn what’s on deck at Intel Security, get hands on with product prototypes and hear what the future may hold. This is your chance to learn from your peers and offer your insights to help mold the future of McAfee. These targeted sessions will be offered at MPOWER 18 on Tuesday, October 16.

CPE Credits for MPOWER 18

CPE Credits for MPOWER 18 (ISC)2® Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, Intel Security can submit CPEs for you after MPOWER 18. Please provide your (ISC)2® member number and your first and last name to, and your CPEs will be submitted to (ISC)2®. The cut-off to submit through McAfee is December 31, 2018.

MPOWER ATTENDEES: Create your Own Agenda

Check back in the summer for the MPOWER Agenda Builder to maximize your MPOWER experience. You will be able to map out your daily schedule of sessions and events you most want to attend through the MPOWER 18 My Event site by entering your registration login information and then clicking on "My Schedule" to create your personalized agenda. Once your agenda has been built, you can then view your agenda on your mobile device.

This year’s Mobile App will be integrated so you will always have your latest agenda info in both the Mobile App and Agenda Builder.